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Tina Carter is the proud author of "The World of Black Hair & Cosmetology" a book designed for Licensed Cosmetologist or students. A guide for hairstylist. 

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Tina Carter is the owner and founder of Salon Care by Tina. She is very  passionate and serious about educating African American women about proper hair and scalp care. She is dedicated to her craft and professionalism and believes in working the hair from the inside out.

She has been a Licensed Cosmetologist for 32 years.

Tina Carter is originally from St. Louis, Missouri, where she was a successful salon owner.

She relocated to Dallas, Texas, in 2009, and began to further her career in the beauty industry.

In the beginning of her career she was an assistant for one of the greatest and seasoned cosmetologist in St. Louis, which allowed her to learn the basic fundamentals of African American hair care.

She has attended Bonner Brothers' hair shows and educational classes, and has received continual training in

hair care, chemical services, Brazilian Blowouts, natural hair, hair cutting, color and more.

She has won hair show awards and taught educational classes, seminars, and workshops on proper hair care for ethnic hair. She's also the author of The World of Black Cosmetologist. A guide for Black Cosmetologist.

Tina understands that a woman's hair is her GLORY.

It should be Beautiful and Healthy!

Hello, I am Tina Carter, Licensed Cosmetologist and Owner of Salon Care by Tina,Cosmetologist  I am very passionate about hair and scalp health. My true passion begins with my own personal testimony. Thinning hair and visiable scalp in the crown area of the head which is known as the "stress area" run strong on my mother's side of the family. My mother and aunts are all thinned in the crown area of their heads. I informed my two sisters that I would continue to monitor our hair and scalps. At the time, I was getting a relaxer and a short haircut, which I preferred to wear. As I got older, I began to notice the crown of my head was starting to thin. At times, I would get braids in the summer and, yes, I wore them properly and took them out at the appropriate times. I noticed the tension from the braids increased the thinning on my scalp, along with the relaxers I had been wearing since childhood. So I stopped getting braids and I stopped relaxing my hair, especially, the crown. However, I did continue to relax the side of my hair which that was short and the back which was tapered. I made that decision five years ago and my crown is stronger and my hair is no longer thinning or breaking because the follicles were not completely damaged. That specific area of my head is thinner than the rest of my hair in which I can't put tension on it or a chemical relaxer. I realize this problem run on my mother side of the family in which I inherited my sisters did not. Certain things will skip generations. As a License Cosmetologist its all about understanding the Foundation of Hair & Scalp Care , making decisions and putting a plan in action to make sure the hair is healthy and strong (even if you can't wear certain styles any longer but you have several other hairstyle options) also using different techniques or services on your head. I hope to help you achieve your hair care goals!

Thank you Tina!

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