Salon Care By Tina & Co.  - Salon Care by Tina & Co
Are you looking for a Hairstylist in the Frisco or Plano
Texas area that specializes in African American Hair?
Well, I'm happy to say your search is over!
Tina Carter is a Licensed Cosmetologist Certified in Going Beyond Hair Styling.
My Passion is to Educate Clients on Proper Haircare, Product Knowledge & Provide Professional Service. African American Hair Care is so important to me because it represents Beauty Beyond none other. It can be very difficult to understand but I ensure you I will help you Understand it, Accept it and Flaunt it.
Remember a woman's hair is her glory!!!!!
Basic complimentary consultation with first appt 
Tina has been trained certified & licensed for over 22 years in:
  • Chemical Services such as Relaxers and Colors
  • Proper Haircutting Techniques
  • Natural Hair
  • Proper Color Concept such as Semi, Demi and Permanent
  • Reconstructing Damage Hair with Several Treatments
  • Proper Consulting
  • Determining Correct Hair Texture
  • Body Chemistry and Hair
  • Correct Porosity and Elasticity
  • Hair and Scalp Issues & Treatments
  • Proper Style for each Individual Client
  • Shedding & Hair Dryness
  • Results of usage of Excessive Heat
  • The Difference Between Nourished and Malnourished Hair
  • Genetics vs. Wants & Desires
       Offer Two Consultations:
                                     1. Basic Consultation  - No charge
                                     2. In-depth Consultation $25.00 
Inside City Salon Suites & Spa
     5813 Preston Rd  #554
 (border of Frisco & Plano)
Plano TX 75093
Personal Ste # 102
Scheduling Policy:
$20.00 Fee For No Show No Call
$10.00 Fee For Same Day Cancellations
Please give 24 Hr cancellation notice
No Children Allowed Unless Receiving Service
Thank You!
Form of payments accepted: Visa, Master card, Cash & Debit
Open Tue  - Sat
Hours Vary
Appointments Only
Business # 214-732-3318
Feel free to call or text for more details!

Introducing The Brazilian Blowout & Essactions Smoothing Treatment
Perfect for African American Hair Promote Hair Healthiness
Ideal for Clients Transitioning from Relaxer to Natural or Clients Fully Natural
Please call for additional information
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